Punk Rock Gang

by Raceriot59

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huge thanks to Sam and historian recordings ! and huge thanks to anyone that supports us, we couldn't do it without you


released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Raceriot59 Ohio

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Track Name: Intro / Guilty as Charged
Freedom is compromised, when the state already decides
, that theres no chance of innocence , and you're not worthy of a defense

Deals are made, court costs paid, prosecutor tells lies all day
Justice system , obstructs the truth , people like us are the ones that lose

we're guilty , guilty as charged

System's set up so you lose, you're beaten down and abused
spend every penny you have , cuz theyll stack up charges as high as they can

Sit in your cell without any bail , while the rich man wont spend a day in jail, system beats you to your knees, locks you up and throws away the keys
Track Name: Invaders
He stumbles in , all on his own , too much to drink he needs to fucking go
Runs his mouth and breaks glasses on the floor , might be time to show this fuck the door

Anyone is welcome at our show , but respect is something you don't seem to know
Disrespect and hassle all my friends, smashing out your teeth is how this ends

Invaders - Go the fuck home

Tough guy starting problems in the pit , shoves kids down then complains when hes hit
A grown ass man pushin around some kids, Locals had enough of his shit

Take your shit and go on home , leave my friends the fuck alone , come around and invade our space, you wore out your welcome get out of my face
Track Name: Punk Rock Gang
We spread like disease, we're the kids you hate to see
Your true enemies , when we're out we do as we please

Do what we want - we don't give a fuck

support your local Punk Rock Gang

Do what i want til the day that i die
late nights fist fights no compromise
violent years but im still alive
no other way , chaos is life
Track Name: War Party
War party - war party

call the crew its time to fucking roll
they caught our brother out when he was all alone
whatever happens tonight we wont speak a word
if its a rep you want now is when its earned

if they get one of us we'll get two of them , teach them to never fuck with us again

cruising around til the job is done, total violence is how these streets are won, forgiveness is one thing we don't do, we chose this life dont get it confused

no justice but the justice we make, do what we have to when our rep is at stake , no mercy for the other side, out on these streets its live or die
Track Name: Born to be your enemy
i wasnt born with a silver spoon, i didnt go to a private school , my neighborhood was working class, i worked hard for everything thing that i have
i saw the world through a poor mans eyes, when we struggled the rich man thrived, learned the meaning of their golden rule, didn't have much but im nobodies fool

i was born to be , born to be your enemy

don't let them grind you down - they'll lie right to your face
, cuz all they do is take, theyll trample on your rights , theyre human parasites

theyll take and theyll take till theres nothing left, taxes and laws that are government theft
from corrupt politicians to the corporate elite, guarding their interests with endless police
Track Name: No Hope
No hope for my soul , hell is all i know, no hope for my soul , forever walk alone

my mind has betrayed me, and no god can save me
spent years lost in a daze, family and friends i betrayed

if the good die young - ill live forever and ever

stole from the people i loved , because enough was never enough
burned every bridge that i crossed , theres no getting back what ive lost

burned every bridge ive ever crossed, no turning back now, for me all is lost