Banned in Cleveland


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We cant play anywhere....and we don't care


released June 14, 2015

Historian Recordings - Youngstown OH



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Raceriot59 Ohio

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Track Name: I don't fuck with cops....but cops fuck with me
Leave me alone, im not doing shit, now im laying face down cuffs on my wrists
I thought America was the land of the free, this doesn't seem so free to me

A criminal is all that they see , excessive force is their policy , a criminal is all that they see, I don't fuck with cops, but cops fuck with me

Citizens harassed for the color of their skin, profiled because of the place they live in, what happened to innocent til proven guilty , laws enforced by police brutality

To protect and serve , doesn't always work , when you treat innocent people like they have no fucking worth
Track Name: Banned in Cleveland
Another night in a cage , I guess crime doesn't pay, who would've guessed , this is how id spend my Saturday

Crucified in the news, the public hates us too

Cancel our shows , slander our name, don't give a shit cuz we wont change

Violence gun shots, got the cops all around, every finger's pointing at me , but the evidence was never found

We're banned, banned in Cleveland, and we don't give a shit
Track Name: The Lost One
Thinking back on better days gone by, we were having the time of our lives, flying around the world and fist fights in the streets, partying all through the night because who cares about sleep

You always said you'd sleep when you're dead , so now rest easy my friend

The lost one - we'll never forget you

Times will never be the same, but your memories will always remain, my brother you were taken before your time, never forget you , the first in the crew to die