Menace to Society

by RaceRiot59

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Menace to Society ep - 3 new songs and a rare older track , thanks to all that support us


released September 6, 2014

Engine Room recording (big thanks to you Gabe!) recorded august 2014



all rights reserved


Raceriot59 Ohio

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Track Name: Inmate
im an inmate , in a world i hate, death is the only way ill ever escape....

seek the truth, break through disguise, a system slave, by political design

no course of action, when your hands are tied, like a prisoner, freedom is deprived

the worlds my prison cell, locked down in this hell
Track Name: Menace to Society
learn lessons the hard way, in a life of crime, fist fights to gunplay, an early grave is all you'll find
from a kid to a man, theres no change, always in trouble the stories the same, look for answers but whos to blame, another night locked in a cage

til the death of me, menace to society
theres no hope for me, menace to society

drugs and depression, toss and turn in your bed, regrets from a cruel life, and nights that never end

born to land hard - right from the start
born to land hard - life torn apart
Track Name: Violent Vacation
pack up the car , headed to the beach, chaos nights are within reach, drunk and violent the whole way there, fights at rest stops cause we don't care

violent - violent vacation, death or jail is your destination

psychopaths in the summer sun, locals leave when we're having fun, kids like us take things too far, pissing on a police car

we trashed our room, sketchy motel by the sea, skating on the boardwalk like suicidal tendencies , no turning back , see it in my bloodshot eyes, no time for rest , we can sleep when we die
Track Name: No Peace
this world makes people like me, filled with hate cause of all the shit they see, pray for peace, some decency, but its only hate thats surrounding me....
a life is taken , innocence lost, heartbroken, a family distraught, while the killers walk away scott free, theres no justice for you and me

until theres justice there will be no peace, until theres justice -NO PEACE

no justice no peace, take the violence to the streets